About Gurukul Bhaiyapur Ladhout

The basic importance of Gurukul education System is to develop the personality of each and every student by imparting physical intellectual and spiritual education which enhances their hidden talents.

Constriction of building continued for two years rapidly and in the third year, 20 celibates were admitted. The wheel of development has been continuing due to co-operation of society and bliss of God. There are big and small 98 rooms in the Gurukul, with all facilities a huge hostel, Lab, Meditation Hall, a big mess, a decent guest room, auditorium hall, havan kund, yoga training center, a big tank for all water supply etc. are the facilities which were provided in a short time and become possible due to adroitness and laborious nature of Acharya ji. At this celibates from 4th class upto 10+2 are getting education from eminent teachers.

Each ward of Gurukul tries to develop his all round personality in simple natural and straight forward way by living in the lap of benevolent nature far away from the dirt and squalor of the city.

Gurukul is inculcating high moral values and an original secular outlook to prepare the future generation for this 21th century world of competing nerves. We are part of a reformative structuring that makes the Student patriotic, scientific and analysts at once. The institution is proud to provide to serve the society by conditioning the mould able grey-cells in spirit of success and triumph , all painted in the colors of being able to serve the society in some way and the humanity in general.